Line Construction

Mountain Engineering is dedicated to producing the highest quality product to efficiently meet all of our client needs. Our Construction Services utilize their knowledge and experience to ensure that sites, our workers and associates maintain the highest levels of safety.
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Line Construction in Folsom

Mountain Engineering is experienced in construction of transmission and distribution systems. From remote rural locations to busy downtown streets, our crews have delivered overhead and underground electrical transmission and distribution services in even the most challenging terrains and circumstances.

Mountain Engineering has completed transmission construction projects on systems up to 765kV. We can handle all aspects of the process from material procurement, structure erection, wire stringing and overall project management.

We have experience installing wood, steel pole, and steel lattice structures up to 400’ in height and constructing steel lattice towers and tubular steel poles using both direct embedment and steel reinforced concrete caissons in a wide variety of soil conditions.

Our extensive professional workforce, combined with our equipment fleet, and range of professional services allows us to effectively meet our clients’ needs for electrical transmission and distribution, emergency response and ongoing maintenance.

Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and hazards of high-voltage power line operations. We work closely with our clients (and their partners) to ensure the highest levels of safety, overall environmental stewardship, and the proper energizing of each project.

Mountain Engineering’s fully integrated teams have completed numerous distribution line construction and maintenance services for a variety of clients.

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Serving the greater Sacramento area, Mountain Engineering offers specialized line construction services across key cities including Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, and beyond. We are dedicated to delivering reliable and timely services to meet the diverse needs of our communities.

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